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Local and National Agencies


The administration of the ISMN is not centralized, but is operated by agencies in each participating country or region. The local agencies assign the publisher IDs to the publishing houses and, on request, single item IDs (including check digit) to the music publications. Major publishers allocate the item IDs themselves. The agencies can provide a full list of correct numbers for a publishing company to build up its own register.

In order to make the rules of the standard known to the public in their respective country or region, the agencies publish a translation of the Users' Manual in the respective language. With the help of this manual, local agencies in all parts of the world are able to monitor the system and keep records of all the ISMNs which have been allocated to music prints.

For specific information on the local agencies, the dissemination of the ISMN in their country or region and reports on local particularities of the application of the ISMN please refer to the following pages:

Argentina France Latvia Serbia
  Armenia Georgia Lithuania Singapore
  Australia Germany Luxembourg Slovakia
  Austria Ghana Macedonia Slovenia
  Azerbaijan Greece Malta South Africa
  Belgium Hungary Moldova Spain
  Bosnia & Herze. Iceland Montenegro Sri Lanka
  Bulgaria Indonesia Myanmar Srpska
  Canada Iran Netherlands Sweden
  Colombia Ireland New Zealand Switzerland
  Croatia Israel Norway Turkey
  Cyprus Italy Philippines Ukraine
  Czech Republic Kazakhstan Poland United Kingdom
  Denmark Kenya Portugal United States
  Estonia Kosova Romania  
  Finland Kyrgyzstan Russia  




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