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National ISMN Agencies: 




The Croatian ISMN Agency has been operating in the National and University Library since November 1995. The ISMN is administered by the Croatian ISBN Agency. All ISMN items are accessible through the online catalogue of the Croatian National and University Library.

Contact Address:

Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu
Hrvatski ured za ISMN
Att.: Danijela Getliher
Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4
HR-10000 Zagreb

Tel: (+385 1) 616 41 80
Fax:(+385 1) 616 41 86




6706700 - 706710
801310 - 801449
7 9005201 - 9005250
9013550 - 9013699



236 publishers registered for an ISMN (as of July 2018).

ISMN is well-known and used among Croatian music publishers, and 95 % of them are registered in the database.

An average of 90 titles of sheet music is published annually, mostly scores, songbooks and music handbooks. Bar coding is used for most of these publications.



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