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Czech Republic

Music Publishers in the Czech Republic and the ISMN

Participation in the ISMN system is still voluntary in the Czech Republic. But there is a precondition of having the valid licence for publishing activity in case of physical subjects and in case of legal subjects goverened by statutes, a mention of this activity worded in these statutes. Each publisher is obliged to be acquainted with the working of the system and its aim as described in the ISMN Users' Manual and the standard CSN ISO 10957. A publisher interested in ISMN gets these publications from the NA ISMN beforehand. The new publisher must also fill in the registration form making a basis for building the database of music publishers.

We constantly try to attract new music publishers but the scene of music is small in our republic and should not be compared with the scene of book publishers (in the last year 168 new book publishers entered the ISBN system!). New publishers get the block of ISMNs with a perspective of 30 years in accordance with their present annual publishing activity. The block of ISMNs also contains a calculation of the number into the bar code. But our Agency does not provide filmmasters for the publishers; these they must obtain from a printer by themselves.

Although music publishers and music publications form a relatively small part of the cultural activities of the Czech Republic, they are a traditional and integral part of those activities, and ISMN is now already its unseparable feature.



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