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National ISMN Agencies: 




The Lithuanian ISMN Agency was established at the end of 1994. Since 1995, it is operating as part of the Lithuanian ISBN agency. The ISBN and ISMN agencies are run by the Centre of the Bibliography and Book Science within the National Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania.

In 1998, the Centre of the Bibliography and Book Science started using LIBIS (Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System). All music publishers, including their factographic data and ISMNs, are keyed in this database. In addition, music publishers who joined the ISMN system are listed in the catalogue of "Lithuanian Publishers," and in the current national bibliographic publication "Bibliographic News."

ISMNs are checked immediately upon receipt of the legal deposit copies.

Contact Address:

Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
Information Science Department
National Output Identification Unit
Lithuanian ISMN Agency
Att.: Ms. Aldona Barodicaitė
Gediminas ave. 51
01504 Vilnius

Tel: (+370 5) 239 86 49



5 59990 - 59999            
6 706150 - 706250
706252 - 706299
806000 - 806019
7 9021700 - 9021739      


Approximately 96 % of the music publishers active on the market today are using ISMNs.

1479 publisher identifiers were allocated, so far.





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