International ISMN Agency

The International Standard Music Number for Notated Music.
A System for Publishing, Distribution and Library Practices


The Services Offered by the National German ISMN Agency (2001)

The ISMN Agency for Germany, Austria and Switzerland offers a variety of services for the use of ISMN in addition to the administrative allocation of single ISMNs and ISMN publisher identifiers. The following products are also obtainable out of Germany:

  1. Lists of available ISMNs including the check digit. The publisher then also has the option of entering title and author in these lists.
  2. Data files on the available ISMNs including the check digit. These data files are made available in ASCII format and can therefore be processed with the use of all current text processors or databases.
  3. Musicland barcodes as films, which, after having been montaged, also go through print.
  4. Musicland barcodes as EPS data files, which can be processed further in DTP programmes.
  5. Musicland barcodes to be issued in retrospect as labels, either in continuous format or on A4 material.
  6. Software for the production of Musicland barcodes as EPS-data files. The tolerance for line width and line spacing lies within a range of 1/1000 mm.