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ISMN Newsletter No10

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8th International ISMN Agency Advisory Board Meeting,
Berlin, State Library
14 - 15 March 2000

Tuesday, 14th March 2000

One day before the actual panel meeting some thirteen participants had already arrived in Berlin. The International ISMN agency offered for those participants a day of cultural events in Berlin. The group met at 10.00 a.m. at the State Library «Unter den Linden», which is the old building in the former East of the city. There Dr. Hell, Head of the Music Department, gave a good presentation of the history and activities of his department and he showed some of the treasures of the collections, autograph scores of famous composers.
After that visit lunch was offered at the Museum for Musical Instruments, which is located next to the Berlin Philharmonic. Since the museum was just preparing for a piano exhibition only a glance walk at the exhibition room was possible.
Afterwards the International ISMN agency had arranged a tour through the «Music Box» at the nearby Sony Centre, which opened only a month ago. The «Music Box» is a pilot project by Sony and presently unique in Europe. Just to name three of the highlights:

  • We met Mr. Beethoven in the «Bellevue Studios» admiring modern recording artists at work.
  • Some of us had great fun conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra by standing on a podium.
  • And, we all helped Captain Fred restoring music to Pepperland by going over there in the Yellow Submarine.

After this entertaining tour participants were left to explore Berlin on their own. In the evening the traditional ISMN dinner took place at a restaurant next to the Brandenburg Gate. The following day offered a full program of reports and discussions:


  1. Status report of the International Agency
  2. Reports of the national agencies (see also under 'Progress Reports')
  3. IAML report
  4. Music-in-print and other reference tools
  5. Finances of the ISMN
  6. Future of ISMN
  7. ISMN and other numbering systems
  8. Miscellaneous

Wednesday, 15th March 2000

Hartmut Walravens, the director of the International ISMN Agency in Berlin, welcomed the participants of the Panel Meeting. He pointed out that in spite of the ISMN standard working so efficiently there was still a great need for the participants to come together on an annual basis. While the work on the standard was completed meetings were still important for the interpretation of technical terms and details of application. The implementation of the system was ongoing and there were still many tasks to be fulfilled. The ISMN system was a wide and interesting field for the people working with it.

The participants then briefly introduced themselves. At this point Michael Cairns from Bowker, US announced that his company was going to become the ISMN Agency for the USA.
The agenda was approved without any changes.



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