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9th International ISMN Advisory Board Meeting
18 - 19 April 2001

Wednesday, 18th April 2001

  1. Status report of the International Agency
  2. Progress reports of ISMN agencies
  3. Identification of electronic products in the field of sheet music
  4. ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code)
  5. Implementation of DOI and URN in ISMN
  6. MPEG 21
  7. Report on IAML (by Pamela Thompson)
  8. Finances
  9. Training, publications, public relations, website(s)
  10. Miscellaneous

After some introductory words by Antonin Jerábek, head of the national ISMN agency in the Czech Republic, the 9th International ISMN Advisory Board Meeting was opened by Dr. Balík, Director of the Czech National Library, and the 20 participants were given a warm welcome.

Afterwards Dr. Hartmut Walravens, the director of the International ISMN Agency in Berlin, welcomed the colleagues from the national agencies, from the Music Department of the Czech National Library and some Czech publishers. He regretted that Lois Clark, administrator of the UK agency, had to cancel her attendance at the last minute. Apologies because of time problems were also received from the French, Italian and U.S. agencies. The new head of the German agency, Mr. Peter Schuck, was introduced.

The agenda was approved without any changes.



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