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The ISMN Newsletter is published annually by the International ISMN Agency. It contains the minutes of its annual meetings and offers up-to-date information about the development of ISMN. As of 2015 the ISMN Newsletter will only be published as a PDF here on our website. Older printed versions may be ordered from the International ISMN Agency free of charge.


  • ISMN Newsletter No 28 (November 2018) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 27 (December 2017) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 26 (November 2016) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 25 (November 2015) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 24 (November 2014) (PDF download) (update 14 Jan 2015)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 23 (November 2013) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 22 (November 2012) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 21 (November 2011) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 20 (December 2010) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 19 (September 2009) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 18 (September 2008) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 17 (September 2007) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 16 (August 2006) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 15 (August 2005) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 14 (September 2004) (PDF download)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 13 (July 2003) (PDF download)
        with illustrations        /         text only
  • ISMN Newsletter No 12 (July 2002) (PDF download)
        with illustrations        /         text only
  • ISMN Newsletter No 11 (September 2001)
  • ISMN Newsletter No 10 (July 2000)

    ISMN. International Standard Music Number

    A brochure on the ISMN benefits and applications for music publishers, music trade, rights organizations, libraries.
    Berlin 2012, 48 pages. ISBN 978-92-990051-4-9
    A PDF of the brochure can be downloaded here.

         Table of Contents:

    • ISMN: ismn story, ismn benefits, ismn applications, ismn beneficiaries
    • Music publisher: tracking, communication, interoperability, automation
    • Music trade: tracking, data management, ordering and sales, information exchange
    • Rights organization: metadata, tracking, copyright, royalty payments
    • Library: legal deposits, acquisition, library catalogues
    • Standards: understanding, administration, ismn and isbn.

    ISMN. The Standard for Notated Music

    An introduction to the International Standard Music Number, its structure, application, and administration. On CD-ROM (Windows 95 and higher, Win NT 4.0 and higher) in English, French, German, Spanish, and Czech.
    ISBN 978-92-990051.
    This CD-ROM can be ordered from the International ISMN Agency free of charge.

          Table of Contents:

    • Why do we need a numbering system for notated music?
    • How is the International Standard Music Number structured?
    • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the ISMN system?
    • The ISMN people.

    Simple. Smart. Sound.
    The International Standard Music Number
    for Notated Music

    Flyer in English and Spanish. Download the flyer here:




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