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ISMN Newsletter No10

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8. Miscellaneous


Dr. Walravens commented on some general ISMN policies:

Publishers have to be convinced that it is in their own interest to use ISMNs. It is good for building the international network. The manifold and important applications have to be explained to them. The agencies should make clear to publishers that it is not switching just over for the sake of some rule or regulation. ISMNs are customized to the needs of the music industry. ISMN agencies can give much better advice to music publishers than ISBN agencies. ISBN and ISMN administration should work together closely. The UK ISBN agency does not (and cannot) do anything against music with ISBN, but these publications are not included in Books in Print and therefore difficult to find for customers.

Dr. Walravens also commented on the (erroneous) opinion that the EAN article numbers are enough for sheet music. EAN and UPC are not ready and willing to open their files. But the international system needs access to the publisher information. Also, ISMN are unique bibliographic identifiers.

The director warmly thanked Maria Caridia for her commitment and excellent performance in the ISMN field, and he much regretted that she would leave the agency to take over another position.

Time and place of the next meeting were not yet fixed. An item of discussion for the next meeting should be the cooperation of ISBN and ISMN administration.



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