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4. Music in Print


Mr Müller, explaining the VLM (Verzeichnis lieferbarer Musikalien - German Music in Print), pointed out that it should not be seen as an isolated phenomenon:

It was a medium for the trade and the key element of a modern infrastructure. Ideally it would provide information on all available music items.
In Germany there are no costs involved for the customer while there are fees for the music shops cooperating in the ordering and distribution system (at the moment 60).

The MPA started a microfiche edition in 1980; a music librarian worked on it part time. The CD-ROM edition comprises 250,000 titles, of which 20,000 carry ISMNs, 10,000 ISBNs. The CD costs £ 275 per year, published twice a year. Presently 200 subscribers (music shops and libraries). Unfortunately, music publishers and music traders do not work together. There is a special relationship between music publishers and music retailers. This has something to do with the associations. They are both under one roof.
France is preparing a national Music in print publication.



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