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8. Finances


Dr. Walravens gave an account of the financial future of the ISMN system. He expressed his concern about the financial situation of the International Agency. So far the large agencies carried the major burden, but due to financial problems (Germany, UK and Italy) are not longer able to do so.

For working effectively the International Agency would need a certain amount of money (DM 80,000 is targeted, but not yet reached). The IA is obliged to publicize the assignment of prefixes in addition to all ad dresses and telecommunication in formation. But right now the service is not sufficient because much more work should be done in the field of promoting the system world wide, establishing new agencies etc.

Finally an editorial assistant will be hired to ensure better service from the IA. So far the financial situation was too unstable to do this. This new measure will enable the IA to act instead of just reacting, and that is an excellent basis for future work.

The current state of affairs as of payments was discussed. The German agency is in a very strenuous financial situation and therefore the contribution is small. Peter Schuck has had talks with the French and the British agency about the difficult situation and the possibility to cut costs. The option to pay more next year was taken into consideration, but the view is rather pessimistic.

The MPA is also in a difficult financial situation; the UK is only able to pay part of the contribution. The International Agency is nevertheless grateful for any payment. In this context high praise was given to the French agency.

While the international ISBN administration was free of charge, ISMN had to work on a self-financing scheme. Music publishers should take more responsibility. Dr. Walravens expressed his hope for a financial restructure.

During these talks the new Turkish agency announced an increase in their contributions to the IA to support ISMN work. Even though the International Agency makes ISMN contracts with all agencies, smaller countries are sometimes exempted from the payment until they work efficiently. In the long run new members should be persuaded to pay; all agencies should be sent an invoice.



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