Hartmut Walravens: ISBN International Standard Book number: Bibliography - Literature on the ISBN and ISMN - From all over the world, Compiled and with a review about 40 years ISBN 
Berlin 2010, Simon Verlag für Bibliothekswissen , 228 p. ISBN 978-3-940862-21-1, € 25,00 
URL: simon-bibliothekswissen.de 
This international bibliography lists publications about different aspects of the ISBN system, the use of ISBN in publishing, booktrade and libraries, as well as about the ISMN system and other standards like DOI, ISAN, ISRN, ISRC, ISSN and SAN. Of special interest for many readers will be Hartmut Walravens' review of 40 years ISBN from it's early beginnings in 1966, the establishment of the International ISBN Agency in Berlin, Germany, in 1972, until the handing over of the agency to a London office in 2006. Hartmut Walravens was director of the agency from 1986 until 2006 and has profound knowledge of and his own share on the history of this successful ISO standard.